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Patriot News Network is undergoing a significant change. We are focusing on bringing conservative content and stories from around the US and the World. We covered the Kyle Rittenhouse case with our panel and more are joining. As we are building out our number one focus is to bring content that matters both politically, scientifically, and culturally to the forefront of what we are doing. Focusing as a facts first opinion second news agency we will strive to deliever solid accurate on the ground reporting and live analysis of events that are happening around the Country. What we are looking for is

  1. Writers to write the stories that will appear on the website.
  2. Reporters With a focus on the facts not opinion
  3. Producer Apprentice for production of Live Shows and Recording Sets

If you are interested in doing any of these things reach out and lets have a conversation.

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US vs Ghislane Maxwell Case (Starting 11/129/2021)