That’s a Great Answer!


How do you get a great answer?

Ask a  GREAT QUESTION!  I don’t know that I have any great questions or answers, but I do have questions, like:

  1. What does this website need to be useful to you?
  2. What is broken?
  3. What is missing?
  4. etc…

I’m Lee, the eggpusher. About eggs, I say “That little thing has everything in it to produce a whole new life. It’s got to be good for you!”

I’m trying to help Shane make this website useful, usable, and hopefully even enjoyable to use. It’s a spare time project so far; sorry about the bumpy ride. Now I’m asking for your help in finding issues, figuring out where it should go, and all that kind of thing. So my question for you is

          “What can I do to make using this website a great experience for you?”

If you have joined and made an account here you should be able to reply/comment to this post and you should be able to make your own posts. I think it would be a great way to get future topics on the agenda for Shane to talk about, and to get each other involved in the conversation as well. Hopefully this website can become a valuable part of the whole!


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